Welcome To The UUA Health Plan Enrollment System

Welcome to the UUA Health Insurance Application

Please review and gather the required information for the Enrollment Process:

Required Information

You will see a red star reminder (*) next to fields that need to be entered or have been entered incorrectly.

Your Social Security Number is encrypted; all information is confidential and stored in a secure location.

You will receive an email confirmation when you finish your application.

To add a dependent to your existing coverage please use this form: New Dependent Enrollment

If you have any questions please contact Insurance Plans at (888) 792-7496 or InsurancePlans@uua.org

To begin the enrollment process please enter an identifier in the box below:
1. Your 4-digit congregation ID or association ID. (Select ID Here.)
If you are affiliated with an organization and not a congregation, select Other Organization.
2. RETD if you are retired or
3. SELF if you are self employed

If you do not see your congregation or association ID code on the list, please contact Insurance Plans at (888) 792-7496 or InsurancePlans@uua.org for the correct code.

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