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UUA Health Plan

UUA Health Plan
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October 2006 update—The UUA Trustees have approved the January 1, 2007, effective date. Open enrollment has been extended to November 27, 2006.

The Unitarian Universalist Association now offers a new self-funded, not-for-profit health care program for those employed (at least 1,000 hours per year) by UU congregations and related organizations! Congregations can now more easily take responsibility for a viable health insurance program for their eligible staff.

The need:

Hundreds of ministers and staff who work for UU congregations are without any health insurance. Congregations are finding plans from commercial insurance carriers are becoming more costly every year. Interim ministers are finding it difficult to obtain new insurance in different states at rates they and their congregations can afford. In the midst of the current health care crisis, the UUA has a workable solution.

Banding together through one health plan will strengthen our congregations through a common commitment to affordable health insurance.

Our mission is to enable congregations to meet their responsibilities to provide basic health insurance to their ministers and other staff at a reasonable shared cost. This is a mission of faith and justice as well: joining in one non-profit insurance program makes real the UUA's commitment to social justice and a life with dignity for all persons.

Two choices:

Subscribers may select a Standard Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that offers many in-network routine and preventive services at 100% after modest co-pays and most other services at 90% after a $500 deductible. A higher deductible and larger coinsurance percent apply if out-of-network providers are used. The plan includes preferred access to thousands of physicians, hospitals, and other providers coast-to-coast, and a prescription drug plan.

Subscribers may also select a High Deductible PPO Plan that offers a lower-cost choice for those who want protection against catastrophic events combined with affordable access to preventive services. The plan includes prescription drug coverage. Those who choose the High Deductible Plan may want to open an individual Health Savings Account for additional tax deferred savings.

Both plans use the Blue Cross Blue Shield provider network. You can select your own physician from more than 720,000 Blue Cross Blue Shield providers from coast-to-coast, whenever you need care. No primary care gatekeeper is required. All of the major specialties such as obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, oncology, urology, pediatrics and various surgical specialties are included in Blue Cross Blue Shield network.

You have complete portability across the United States; the plan goes with you if you change jobs within UU organizations, with no new eligibility tests.

For most congregations and affiliated organizations, the UUA-sponsored plan should offer an affordable alternative to commercial health insurance plans and an opportunity to insure all their eligible staff.

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