Congregational Certification

  January 3 - February 4

List of Certified Congregations

The following congregations submitted their membership numbers and total operating expenses generally between November 15 and February 1 prior to General Assembly 2022. All were certified to send voting delegates to that General Assembly except those with the notation "None" in the "FC" column (financial contribution during the previous fiscal year). Congregations with "" in the "Cong. Poll" column did participate in the Congregational Poll regarding Congregational Study/Action Issues (CSAIs) or Statements of Conscience (SOCs).

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2022 Certified Congregations by Region

Congregation ID Congregation Members RE Enrollment Avg. Attendance Date Certified FC Cong. Poll Total Operating Expenses
Central-East Region Group
6012UU Fellowship of Sussex County (Newton, NJ)50001/12/202243299
6013First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex County (Orange, NJ)19001/13/2022None5939
6021Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton (Princeton, NJ)27801/11/2022631807
6124Pullman Memorial Universalist Church (Albion, NY)19001/09/202221526
6135UU Congregation of Binghamton (Binghamton, NY)22501/05/2022263585
6623First Unitarian Society of Westchester (Hastings On Hudson, NY)72001/07/2022142811
6612May Memorial UU Society (Syracuse, NY)2202601/11/2022222485
6837North UU Congregation (Lewis Center, OH)122N/A01/11/2022172309
6934Olmsted UU Congregation (North Olmsted, OH)3401/14/202234538
2824All Souls Church, Unitarian (Washington, DC)102315001/10/20222328478
2828Washington Ethical Society (Washington, DC)1562101/07/2022518480
4026Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis (Annapolis, MD)37911001/10/2022471845
7217Unitarian Universalists of the Cumberland Valley (Boiling Springs, PA)1453201/11/2022311542
7234UU Church of Lancaster PA (Lancaster, PA)2721301/10/2022213537
7411Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Pottstown (Pottstown, PA)22001/05/202247529
International Region
8623First UU Church of Winnipeg Inc. (Winnipeg, MB)1753001/05/2022265241
8712The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton Inc. (Hamilton, ON)20101/13/2022337825
8831Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Lachine, QC)3610N/A01/05/202238307
MidAmerica Region
3618Iowa Lakes UU Fellowship (Okoboji, IA)360N/A01/13/202215141
3213UU Church of Bloomington Normal (Bloomington, IL)21601/14/2022346624
3311North Shore Unitarian Church (Deerfield, IL)2752501/11/2022378105
3431Tree of Life Unitarian Universalist Congregation (McHenry, IL)92701/06/2022194208
3334DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church (Naperville, IL)24701/10/2022466107
3411Countryside Church UU (Palatine, IL)26601/05/2022434122
3414The Unitarian Universalist Church (Rockford, IL)31410801/11/2022439993
3513UU Congregation of Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne, IN)1091201/16/2022180322
3520UU Fellowship of Kokomo (Kokomo, IN)22001/11/202210427
5312Universalist Unitarian Church of East Liberty (Clarklake, MI)74701/12/202261273
5435Minnesota Valley UU Fellowship (Bloomington, MN)1391001/12/2022222496
5514Itasca Unitarian Fellowship (Grand Rapids, MN)260N/A01/06/20222798
5516Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Mankato (Mankato, MN)1103901/12/2022201500
5537Mesabi UU Church (Virginia, MN)29001/11/20226480
5632Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Jefferson City (Jefferson City, MO)37201/08/202224300
5635Eliot Unitarian Chapel (Kirkwood, MO)4888701/10/2022661466
5636UU Fellowship of Rolla (Rolla, MO)801/05/20221200
5712First Unitarian Church of St. Louis (Saint Louis, MO)2244601/15/2022428096
5730Second Unitarian Church of Omaha (Omaha, NE)1051001/15/2022165870
8413UU Fellowship (Marshfield, WI)11001/06/20227891
8423Prairie Lakes UU Fellowship (Ripon, WI)32201/07/202226728
New England Regional Staff
2726Mattatuck UU Society (Woodbury, CT)591401/10/202298975
4332The First Church in Chestnut Hill (Chestnut Hill, MA)850N/A01/15/2022416586
4524First Parish Church of Groton UU (Groton, MA)23201/12/2022340933
4533UU Church of Haverhill (Haverhill, MA)13401/10/2022283891
4526UU Meeting of South Berkshire (Housatonic, MA)7801/07/202272857
4613Unitarian Church of Marlborough & Hudson (Hudson, MA)511301/15/2022None145419
4615First Congregational Society of Jamaica Plain UU (Jamaica Plain, MA)99001/16/2022198036
4623Leicester Unitarian Church (Leicester, MA)6201/05/20229552
4726The First UU Church of Milford (Milford, MA)85N/A01/05/2022None20000
4931Unitarian Universalist Society of Rockport (Rockport, MA)9501/11/2022149463
5025Unitarian Universalist Society of Greater Springfield (Springfield, MA)22101/06/2022296025
8888First Universalist Parish of North Dana (Warwick, MA)901/08/202210
4326Unitarian Universalist Meeting House (Chatham, MA)108001/12/2022120665
4436Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Falmouth (East Falmouth, MA)1811201/11/2022226368
4833Congregational Parish in Norton (Unitarian) (Norton, MA)13001/16/202218757
5013Unitarian Church of Sharon (Sharon, MA)1763001/12/2022287446
7514The First Universalist Church in Providence (Providence, RI)2701/05/2022194975
3834Unitarian Universalist Church of Ellsworth (Ellsworth, ME)1391001/08/2022153223
3913First Parish UU Church (Kennebunk, ME)1051001/14/2022103281
4011Sanford UU Church (Sanford, ME)59001/14/2022151116
4013First Universalist Church of South Paris (South Paris, ME)20001/16/202216400
5912Nottingham Community Church UU (Nottingham, NH)200N/A01/14/202236334
5915Walpole Unitarian Church (Walpole, NH)24001/10/202251533
8022Washington UU Congregation (Montpelier, VT)141201/12/20221431
Pacific Western Region
2626Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist (Carbondale, CO)46001/05/2022113150
2623First Universalist Church of Denver (Denver, CO)3866001/06/2022676246
2617High Country Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Dillon, CO)20001/09/202211229
2634Columbine Unit. Univ. Church (Littleton, CO)64001/10/202278081
7916South Valley UU Society (Cottonwood Heights, UT)1358101/14/2022210043
7914Cache Valley Unitarian Universalists (Logan, UT)45001/10/202267570
2111Humboldt UU Fellowship (Bayside, CA)180001/12/2022171019
2214Starr King UU Church (Hayward, CA)12001/14/2022168951
2218Unitarian Universalist Community of Lake County (Kelseyville, CA)20001/08/202213858
2326UU Fellowship of Porterville (Porterville, CA)1201/09/20227136
2425First Unitarian Church of San Jose (San Jose, CA)2302001/07/2022370502
1933Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Inc (Anchorage, AK)17101/13/2022246584
7120Florence Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Florence, OR)47001/12/202236500
7130Wy'east Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Portland, OR)58501/15/202262261
8222UU Congregation of Whidbey Island (Freeland, WA)103001/06/2022147274
8215San Juan Island UU Fellowship (Friday Harbor, WA)7001/05/2022328
8221Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church (Kirkland, WA)20501/06/2022424974
8314UU Church of Yakima (Yakima, WA)56001/15/202264574
2013Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Flagstaff, AZ)91801/12/2022116948
2019Mountain Vista UU Congregation (Tucson, AZ)11701/06/2022413412
2032UU Church in Anaheim (Anaheim, CA)45001/11/202240375
2430Unitarian Universalist Community of Cambria (Cambria, CA)34001/06/202233834
2336Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Escondido, CA)12401/13/2022328182
2122Unitarian Universalist Church of the Desert (Rancho Mirage, CA)138001/08/2022184323
2234South Bay Unitarian Fellowship (Redondo Beach, CA)80N/A01/05/20226699
2513UU Community Church of Santa Monica (Santa Monica, CA)26301/07/2022501128
2521Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito (Solana Beach, CA)20501/12/2022389104
Southern Region
2024Unitarian Universalist Village Church (Hot Springs Village, AR)101001/11/2022119637
2835UU Church in the Pines (Brooksville, FL)2901/05/20227901
2933Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami, Inc. (Miami, FL)79901/11/2022297727
2927Buckman Bridge Unitarian Universalist Society (Orange Park, FL)1374801/13/2022120435
3028UU Congregation of Venice Inc. (Venice, FL)2141201/05/2022283334
3036First Existentialist Church of Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)230N/A01/14/202279642
3041Mountain Light UU Church (Ellijay, GA)35001/09/202225283
8936UU Fellowship of San Miguel de Allende (San Miguel de Allende, GTO)248001/12/202247905
3730North Shore UU Society of Louisiana, Inc. (Lacombe, LA)48701/09/202247664
3731UU Fellowship of Lafayette Louisiana (Lafayette, LA)12001/05/2022109451
6716Unitarian Coastal Fellowship (Morehead City, NC)893201/15/2022115377
7521UU Fellowship of Beaufort (Beaufort, SC)8501/11/2022128173
7712Arlington UU Church (Arlington, TX)25001/08/202211165
7713First UU Church of Austin (Austin, TX)45118301/11/20221066075
7836UU Fellowship of Bell County (Belton, TX)1701/10/20227580
7719San Gabriel UU Fellowship (Georgetown, TX)1243201/13/2022168000
7825Timberland Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Lufkin, TX)20001/06/20227448
7828Unitarian Universalists of New Braunfels (New Braunfels, TX)872501/09/202279862
8110Harrisonburg Unitarian Universalists (Harrisonburg, VA)54501/15/202250350
8030UU Church of the Highlands (Meadowview, VA)500N/A01/05/202212340

Total certified congregations, including those with no financial contribution: 110